Mission Statement

Elevated Health’s mission is to empower the individual with their health by providing tools and education for non-invasive therapies which support the body’s natural healing from the comfort of one’s own home.

Elevated Health was founded in January of 2017 by Rebecca Kallaus. The name “Elevated Health” was chosen because Rebecca believes, and research supports, that non-invasive frequency based devices such as coMra-Therapy are the future of health; “elevated” is in past tense as this future already exists!


Rebecca Kallaus has always had a strong passion for all aspects of health and for empowering others. This passion led her on a journey through personal training, working at a holistic clinic, studying nutrition and psychology. While she always enjoyed each modality and learning new ways to help those around her, she knew there was something more. This insatiable drive led her to become the Vice President of Carmen Care Laser, a Wellness clinic in South Florida, where she found laser therapy. After seeing first-hand how effective laser therapy is for such a wide range of conditions with no notable risk, she knew she had found what she was looking for! Rebecca learned from experts in the field while in South Florida, became certified as a Laser Therapist, published articles and spoke in public advocating this therapy.

Rebecca gained first-hand hand experience working with multiple classes of lasers, including extensive hands on experience with the Delta which utilizes coMra-Therapy, as well as overseeing treatment and creating custom protocols. This experience also provided her the honor of witnessing countless incredible recovery stories, many for people who had “tried everything” and previously lost all hope prior to finding coMra-Therapy.

Rebecca realized that this therapy needed to be more accessible to the general public as no other single modality could provide anywhere close to the substantial healing experiences made possible through coMra-Therapy. With this as her new mission, Rebecca realized it was time to launch a company which would enable the community to have education and better access to this incredible technology.

The Delta device which utilizes coMra-Therapy is completely portable and is at a frequency which is optimal for healing and safe for use on humans, infants, and pets. It comes with an easy to use manual of over 200 protocols for which it is effective, and Elevated Health provides custom protocols upon request for any additional conditions and circumstances. These qualities make this the most ideal home medical device currently on the global market, creating an opportunity for any person on the planet to take their health into their own hands.

Rebecca is honored to be a part of the healing journey of everyone who is ready to elevate their health and makes a personal commitment to every person who chooses Elevated Health to ensure the best experience and results are achieved.

The Health Team

Knowing that reaching as many people as possible requires coming together with the community in a team effort, Rebecca has begun bringing experts in specific fields who parallel the same passions together all on one platform. The Health Team is growing, and each member has varying degrees of involvement, but all have a few key things in common; all practitioners on The Health Team are quality professionals who are extremely educated and proficient in their respective fields, and have a deep genuine love for humanity. This team of beautiful souls allows a wide knowledge base for Elevated Health as a whole, maximizing the ability to elevate the health of all who seek it.

The Health Team is looking for more health practitioners who understand the value in what Elevated Health does to better diversify this team. If you are interested in joining our team, or would like to recommend someone you feel parallels the mission of Elevated Health, please contact us here.

"There has to be a better way"
Mitchell Kershner ND
Naturopath, Author, Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle Educator

Mitchell’s ability to see and understand people from a variety of perspectives, combined with his passion for healing, and education in multiple aspects of health, make his expertise invaluable. As a naturopath, he received a conventional pre-med education, followed by multiple years of holistic teachings to understand how everything in the body connects energetically. For example, all doctors understand how digestion works, but a naturopath additionally understands how that process is altered depending on someone’s mood and mindset, and the physiological ripple effect that then has on the body.

Having been overweight during his adolescent years, Mitchell learned about proper nutrition from a young age, honing this understanding throughout his years in the health field. His biggest health passions to help address in the people he works with are childhood obesity and diabetes.

His own journey of dealing with health issues both personally and with close family members since his early years of life, to then developing an extremely in depth and all-encompassing understanding of how to improve countless facets of health, fuels his passion for giving the gift of health to others. His most recent outlet for this is his leading role in the development of the children’s health book, Tooth Ahoy.

Kate Munson

Kate is beautiful from her skin to her soul, and has a knack for bringing out the beauty of both in all her clients. She is a very talented esthetician with years of experience using all the modalities of coMra-Therapy as some of her tools and tricks in her successful practice.

Kate has a keen understanding of how energy manifests physically on the skin, for example, if acne shows up in a certain area, she knows what is going on in someone’s life which caused that to happen. Her skill-sets bring a unique touch to relevant protocols created through Elevated Health.

For anyone in the South Florida area, Kate’s Prime Spa Boutique is in Delray Beach.

Health Professionals
Elevated Health is searching for Health Professionals to join the Health Team:

* Acupuncturist
* Cardiologist
* Dentist
* Endocrinologist
* Gastroenterologist
* General Practitioner
* Gynecologist
* Heptologist
* Hemotologist
* Nephrologist
* Neurologist
* Occupational Therapist
* Oncologist
* Opthalmologist
* Pediatrition
* Physical Therapist
* Podiatrist
* Pulmonologist
* Veterinarian

If any of the above describe you or someone you know who might be interested in joining Elevated Health’s Health Team, please contact us. If this individual is not you, Elevated Health would be happy to reach them directly.

Elevated Health is looking for individuals of the above professions who also parallel the morals upheld by Elevated Health, who genuinely care about the well-being and long term health of their patients, and who are interested in learning about the mission of Elevated Health. No experience with or understanding of coMra or laser therapy is necessary to be on the Health Team, as the purpose is to bring together individuals who are experts in their own fields, and to then combine the knowledge of the team as a whole. Once on the Health Team, these individuals have the opportunity to become educated on this technology, and to apply this knowledge to their respective field.