Elevated Health Affiliate Programs

The mission of Elevated Health is to empower individuals with their health, to provide tools and education for non-invasive therapies which support the body’s natural healing from the comfort of one’s own home.

When someone understands how beautiful it is to be able to support the body’s natural healing enough to illicit significant improvement in all aspects of physical health, it becomes not only a passion, but a responsibility to share this gift with others. It is a responsibility, because once you realize how effectively coMra-Therapy can elevate someone’s health, who are you to not share that opportunity with others?

Elevated Health is on a mission to share this gift with as many people as possible, in all parts of the world. However, this mission is one which requires the community to come together to be effective.

While being able to significantly improve someone’s quality of life and empower them with their health is an incredible gift in itself, Elevated Health also believes that genuine intentions resulting in action should be rewarded. Because of this, two programs have been put together to maximize the ability for both individuals and health professionals to come together with this mission.

If you are a Health Professional of any kind, whether you are a GP and practice conventional medicine, a surgeon who wants to expedite the recovery time of your patients, a massage therapist looking to aid in lymphatic drainage and ease muscle tension, an acupuncturist looking for needle alternatives, an esthetician wanting to maximize the health of your patients skin, or a personal trainer who wants to help clients gain muscle mass faster and recover from injuries, please click the Health Professionals tab below:

Health Professionals Program

If you do not have health background, but see the value in coMra-Therapy and wish to share this gift with the people you care for in your community, click the Ambassador Program link below:

Ambassador Program