The technology of coMra-Therapy utilizes the synergistic combination of near-infrared laser, LED, magnets, and ultrasound in one device.

Why “coMra”?

The “co” in coMra stands for “Coherent.” The “M” and “ra” stand for there being multiple radiances, meaning multiple modalities. This essentially means that the therapy is delivered coherently, in a straight trajectory, allowing it to penetrate far enough into the body to treat even deep internal organs.

What is the device?

The technology of coMra-Therapy is delivered through the Delta device. This device is classified as a Class IIA laser, meaning there are essentially no risks and very few general precautions are required in order to use it. To see more about classifications of lasers, click HERE.

“Delta” refers to the base of the device, while the modalities of coMra-Therapy are delivered through an attached head. The head attachment comes in 4 different options depending on the treatment delivery needs: medical terminal, aesthetic terminal, probe terminal and meridian terminal.

What are the 4 modalities?

Every color LED has a different function. 3 different LED wavelengths (colors) are in coMra-Therapy: Yellow/Green (570nm), Red Amber (650nm) and Indigo Violet (420nm).

  1. Yellow/Green promotes physiological balance, targets uneven skin tones and reduces redness. This wavelength also greatly decreases inflammation by encouraging circulation and boosting the skin’s natural immune system. These colors are ideal to help with skin pigmentation, varicose veins and broken capillaries.
  2. Red Amber stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, AKA the “fight or flight” response. When used for the skin, this frequency softens wrinkles, improves facial skin firmness, reduces signs of aging and reverses the loss of skin firmness and tone. The fibroblast cells are stimulated to enhance collagen, improve elasticity, decrease scar tissue and reduce inflammation.
  3. Indigo Violet activates the parasympathetic nervous system, AKA the “rest and digest” response. This frequency also has the ability to kill bacteria in the pores, and is most ideal for improving impure skin, blemishes, acne and enlarged pores.

In coMra-Therapy, these lights are also sequenced specifically in a regenerative message, meaning it corresponds to the natural progression of wound healing: inflammation (Red Amber) –> cell proliferation (Indigo Violet) –> wound remodeling (Yellow/Green).

In the aesthetic head attachment, this pattern is instead a rejuvenating message which enhances existing structures, specifically cells, within the body. This pattern sequence is Red Amber –> Yellow/Green –> Indigo Violet.

Magnets have been used to effectively enhance the effects of laser therapy for decades (MIL-Therapy), making the delivery of energy more efficient.

Magnets are also helpful specifically in aiding with bone unification, minimizing edema (excess fluid), and in reducing pain. Magnets additionally expedite ATP synthesis in cells, an important stage of energy metabolism in optimal cellular function.

This modality is what is commonly used in Laser Therapy (described in more detail on the Laser Therapy page). In short, it is light therapy in which photonic stimuli (energy from light) excites the body’s cells, infusing them with energy. This process is called photobiomodulation and is very similar to the process of photosynthesis in plants.

Absorption of this energy activates practically every natural healing process in all areas of the body, essentially giving the body adequate energy to heal itself. Primary processes include cell regeneration, increased blood flow, increased ATP and decreased inflammation.

Ultrasound, in the range of power used in coMra-Therapy (40kHz), has been shown to increase the rate of many biochemical reactions, stimulate metabolism in the body as it expedites protein synthesis, and expedite blood clot dissolution.

At 40kHz, this power of ultrasound has efficient penetration abilities and does not cause noticeable heating. No gel is needed for ultrasound at this level to be maximally effective.

The ultrasound is also the only modality in coMra-Therapy which can be turned off separately while the other 3 still operate.

What are the terminal options?
The modalities of coMra-Therapy can be delivered through a variety of terminal heads which attach to the Delta base.

The medical terminal is the most commonly used attachment for coMra-Therapy as with this attachment most health conditions can be adequately addressed.

Operational specifics:
• The infrared in all terminal heads operates with a maximum optical power of 10 mW.
• With the medical terminal, the LED operate at the following intensities: red amber (650nm) at 300 mcd, indigo violet (420nm) at 240 mcd and yellow/green (570nm) at 240 mcd.
• The magnetic field in this terminal has a maximum strength of 30 mT.
• The ultrasound (40kHz) on this terminal head operates at a frequency of 40 kHz, a sound pressure of 0 dB at the point of contact, and a sound pressure of -30 dB at 30cm away.

The aesthetic terminal is ideal for all skin conditions, such as wrinkles, acne, blemishes, pigmentation, scars, etc. 

Operational specifics:
• This terminal has all of the same specs as the medical head; the only 2 differences between the two are the placement of the ultrasound on the terminal head and the sequence of LED.
• The ultrasound on the aesthetic head is located flush with the perimeter of the terminal, while in the medical head it is raised up into the device. The arrangement of the aesthetic head being able to be flush against the skin during treatment allows for maximal superficial healing.
• The sequence of the LED in the aesthetic terminal is that of a a rejuvenating message versus regenerative as it is in the other terminal heads. The rejuvenating sequence is Red Amber –> Yellow/Green –> Indigo Violet and enhances existing structures, specifically cells, within the body.

The probe comes with a glass case covering that detaches for cleaning and is ideal to use in any orifice of the body. This terminal is also used in the practice of acupuncture in place of traditional needles.

Operational specifics:
The infrared in all terminal heads operates with a maximum optical power of 10 mW.
In the probe terminal, the LED operate with an intensity of the following:
• Red amber (650nm) at 500 mcd
• Indigo violet (420 nm) at 400 mcd
• Yellow/green (570nm) at 400 mcd
The Magnetic field has a max strength of 30 mT.
***The ultrasound is not applicable in the probe terminal.

The meridian terminal’s 22mm long glass bristles make it primarily designed for strengthening and regrowing hair. 

Operational specifics:
The infrared in all terminal heads operates with a maximum optical power of 10 mW.
In the meridian terminal, the LED operate with an intensity of the following:
• Red amber (650nm) at 1200 mcd
• Indigo violet (420 nm) at 800 mcd
• Yellow/green (570nm) at 640 mcd
The Magnetic field has a max strength of 30 mT.
***The ultrasound is not applicable in the probe terminal.
***The Meridian Terminal is only available in the 980nm.

Health Professionals:
Each of the above terminals has the option of coming in the 980nm model, or the 905nm PRO model***. 980nm or 905nm refer to the frequency of the near-infrared. With Laser Therapy, the lower the frequency, the stronger the energy. The 905nm frequency is only for Health Professionals, those with health backgrounds, or for use with the oversight of a Health Professional.
*** The Meridian terminal is the only one that does not come in the 905 PRO model option-any meridian terminal will be the 980nm frequency.

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