Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel anything during treatment?

  • Most of the time one feels nothing during treatment of coMra-Therapy. However, one can occasionally feel tingling or throbbing as rapid healing is occurring. In cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia or other types of nerve damage, there can be varying levels of shocks during treatment. It is advised that in these cases the person follows the treatment protocol to the maximum that can be tolerated and understand that the occurrence and severity of shocks will decrease throughout treatment.
  • In cases of an acute injury, slight shocks, tingling and throbbing are much more common. When an acute injury is being treated, it is advised to follow the suggested treatment to the maximum that can be tolerated for optimal results. In extreme cases, moderating treatment to where the device is raised and not directly on the skin can alleviate shocks while still allowing for some healing to take place.

Do I need eye protection for coMra-Therapy?

The Delta devices which use coMra-Therapy are classified as Class IIA devices, meaning eye protection is not necessary. The frequencies are safe within the natural aversion rate (time it takes for your eyes to blink), though intentional staring is not recommended.

I am pregnant. Can I still use this therapy?

For liability reasons, it is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant to use these devices around the local area.

Can I use this through my clothes?

No. It is vital that the terminals be placed directly onto the skin, unless stated otherwise in the treatment description. Clothing, no matter how thin, will distort the radiances as well as inhibit them.

I want to use this on my pet, who has fur. How does that work?

As opposed to finely woven clothes, the fur of animals and the feathers of birds do not inhibit the efficiency of the radiances, but instead it has been found that both live fur and feathers can act as conductors of the radiances. The same is true for treating the scalp through human hair.

For those with long hair, there is a Meridian terminal with glass bristles specifically designed to comb through hair and maximize healing.

Can I leave my jewelry on while treating myself?

Jewelry of all kinds must be removed prior to treatment, as jewelry will distort, reflect and refract the radiances.

How often should the terminal head be cleaned?

For maximum sanitation, regular cleaning with either colloidal silver or pure alcohol should take place before and after each treatment.

How do I clean the meridian terminal?

An easy tip to clean the meridian terminal is to use a small paintbrush. Tilt the meridian terminal at an angle over the sink so the colloidal silver or pure alcohol can run off. Take care not to allow any liquid to get inside the meridian terminal. Once sterilized, the terminal should be placed bristles down on a piece of clean paper towel and allowed to dry before being used again.

I want to use the probe terminal in an orifice but I am not the only person who uses it. Can I use any sort of protective layer for this?

The probe terminal is designed with a glass covering that comes off to allow for adequate cleaning with hot soap and water. However, if an extra protective cover is desired for hygiene purposes, you can use a very thin and totally transparent plastic cling wrap stretched as tightly as possible across the surface of the terminal. Do your best to avoid creases or wrinkles. The same may be done on the medical and aesthetic terminals.

I recently began treatment and now I feel worse! What is happening?

  • This therapy is essentially a detox on a cellular level-toxins are being released into the bloodstream and must be flushed out. When this happens in excess, it is referred to as a “healing crisis.” Do understand that no harm is happening during this process, but it can appear that symptoms are increasing instead of decreasing. Flu-like symptoms can also be common if this is happening, such as a general ache, headache, fever, and even vomiting in extremely rare cases. If a healing crisis is experienced, decrease how often you are doing treatment until symptoms improve, but do not discontinue treatment all together. A healing crisis, while very uncommon with this therapy, generally only lasts 1-3 days. Feel free to contact Elevated Health if this occurs and we can discuss how to amend treatment. The goal is always to get you healthy, and excess pain is not necessary to achieve this.
  • Things that can help minimize a healing crises are to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water (at least 75 oz for women, at least 100 oz for men), consuming vitamin C, and eating fermented foods.
  • Understand that it is very normal to go through up and down cycles during treatment, but generally each peak gets lower as treatment continues.

I have a pacemaker, can I still use this device?

coMra-Therapy utilizes the modality of magnetotherapy, at a strenght of 30mT. It is recommended to maintain a distance of 12 inches from a pacemaker or any electronic device. Treatment outside of this radius however has no contraindication with a pacemaker.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes. There are 4 payment options offered through Elevated Health. Please see the Payment Options and Policies page.

What is the return policy?

  • At this time there are, there are no returns. In our experience, the only people who wish to return the device are those who either do not use it at all, or do not use it as instructed.
  • There is however a 2 year warranty and Elevated Health always strives for excellent customer service.

What if the device is malfunctioning?

There is a 2 year warranty on all coMra-Therapy devices. If this occurs, it is possible to have a loaner device shipped to you while your device is fixed.

How long before I start feeling better?

  • This question depends on a possibly infinite number of variables so there is no straight answer without more specifics. Contact Elevated Health directly to receive a possible range for a specific condition.
  • Variables that typically result in a longer duration before experiencing relief are autoimmune conditions, statins, low ATP, and diabetes.
  • Those who work out regularly have been found to experience much faster results than those who do not, though full relief is still possible at any age.

Can I take this in my purse with me wherever I go?

Transporting the device in the carrying case it comes with is highly recommended.

While the size and weight allow for incredible portability, it is advised to treat the device as the medical equipment that it is and use caution when transporting. Specific caution is advised in regards to the cord to ensure it does not get pulled or bent near where it attaches to the base.

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