Health Professionals
Health Professionals who genuinely care about their patients are held in a special place with Elevated Health. Elevated Health believes in supporting those who tirelessly put in that extra effort and attention to elevate the health of others as much as possible.

What is the Health Professionals Program?

The Health Professionals Program is an opportunity for anyone in any type of health profession to maximize the results of their profession. Elevated Health knows that those in the health industry are not there by accident, that these are individuals who chose to put the health of others as a top priority, to make a difference in the health of those in their community which in turn elevates lives as a whole. The Health Professionals Program is an opportunity to take that drive that brought you into this profession to the next level, by allowing you to further elevate the health of all in your practice and to be compensated accordingly for sharing this gift.


The purpose of this program is to Elevate Health on a large scale through educating and empowering individuals to take their health into their own hands; financial motivations have no place in participating in this program. This program is not intended to serve as an opportunity to provide for an individual’s full financial needs, though this is possible with someone who is truly passionate. This program is a single level incentive plan.

How To Join The Health Professionals Program

  1. The first criteria of joining the Health Professionals Program are that you must be in the health industry to some extent. This includes but is not limited to a doctor in conventional medicine, naturopath, acupuncturist, physical therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, aesthetician, massage therapist, etc. Being in this program makes you eligible for purchasing the PRO device, for which understanding of basic anatomy and physiology is required. This is a requirement stated by the makers of the device, Radiant Life Technologies, and is a decision supported by Elevated Health. The PRO version is a stronger frequency than the base model and a “healing crisis” is possible with over use, however, results can be seen faster when used properly.
  2. The second step to joining the Health Professionals Program is to purchase a Delta device. To be in this program, any device may be purchased including a base model, though professional discounts on the PRO model are available for those interested in joining this program.
  3. For anyone interested in joining the Health Professionals Program, regardless of whether or not you have already purchased a Delta device, please contact Elevated Health at
  4. After the Admin has been contacted, the next step in this process is to schedule a 90 minute one-on-one Skype session with the Founder of Elevated Health, Becca Kallaus. This session will cover specifics on understanding coMra-Therapy in depth, the wide array of uses for coMra-Therapy, the different devices which use coMra-Therapy, the mission of Elevated Health, and more. The fee for this session is $75.
  5. Following the Skype session, there will be an assessment to ensure adequate understanding of coMra-Therapy and its basic applications, as well as to assure Elevated Health that the individual will be a quality representation of Elevated Health and coMra-Therapy to the public.
  6. Upon acceptance into the Health Professionals Program, one will then become eligible for the incentives program listed below.


Ambassadors will receive commission on a tiered basis:
* $0-$10,000 of retail sales per month receives 5% commission (roughly 5 base model lasers sold)
* 10,001-$18,000 of retail sales per month receives 10% commission (roughly 6-9 base modes lasers sold)
* $18,001-$26,000 of retail sales per month receives 15% commission (roughly 10-13 base model lasers sold)
* >$26,001 of retail sales per month receives 20% commission (roughly a minimum of 13 base model lasers sold)
Commissions are documented either by the purchaser stating that a specific individual (Ambassador) was responsible for introducing them to coMra-Therapy or if the Ambassador notifies Elevated Health of the individual, specified by exact name, who purchased a device within one week of the transaction.
Business Cards
If an individual is responsible for a minimum of $15,000 of retail sales per month for 2 months in a row, Elevated Health will create, pay for and have business cards delivered.
Email And Listing
If an individual is responsible for a minimum of $20,000 for 2 months in a row, they will qualify to receive a personalized email as a Health Ambassador of Elevated Health, as well as an official listing on the Elevated Health website with their city location and professional contact information.
Health Professionals qualify to offer a 3% discount to individuals looking to purchase a device, though this discount will be subtracted from the commission scale.
Further Professional Opportunities
For those in a health profession who are passionate about coMra-Therapy and looking to become more involved with Elevated Health, please contact the Admin at with the subject, “Health Team.” Elevated Health is constantly looking to expand the ability to help people’s health and is seeking qualified passionate individuals to join the team in pursuit of this mission.
Other Devices
Those in the Health Professionals Program qualify for a discount on the PRO model. This discount is based on a tiered basis for up to a $300 discount per device. The commission brackets above can be received in either dollar form or the same amount can be used as credit for other purchases through Elevated Health.

The mission of Elevated Health is to educate and empower individuals in regards to their health. Elevated Health will support those upholding this mission in every way possible.

How to Maintain Eligibility For The Health Professional Program

Health Professionals will maintain their status as long as they generate a minimum of 5 devices per quarter. New additions to the program have an initial 6 month grace period before this timeline is implemented. (Note that while status requirements are based on a quarterly schedule, commission incentives are based on monthly schedule)

Health Professionals are required to remain up to date with all new protocols and information. This will be maintained through pre-recorded webinars or typed documents created by Elevated Health for the Health Professionals to watch and read at their convenience. Health Professionals will have 2 weeks to view the information once it is sent and must take a brief quiz to ensure attention was paid to important details.

Fine Print

Full commission is only received on sales made strictly due to the Health Professional. In other words, if someone calls Elevated Health and proceeds to have a 2 hour phone call to answer sufficient questions, commission is paid out at a maximum of 3%.

Commission is based on full price purchases. If purchases are made at sale prices, this discount will be subtracted from the commission on a sliding scale basis.

Extensive training, either one-on-one or for full staff of an establishment, may require a fee for time spent. This is assessed on a case by case basis, though Elevated Health strives to provide free support to Health Professionals when possible.