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The mission of Elevated Health is to empower the individual with their health by providing tools and education for non-invasive therapies which support the body’s natural healing from the comfort of one’s own home.

Non-invasive frequency-based devices are the future of health, but this future already exists!

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a modality which has been used very effectively for an extremely wide variety of health conditions for 50 years. Laser Therapy essentially regenerates and rejuvenates practically every type of cell (blood, bone, nerve, cartilage, muscle, skin, etc.), accelerating countless natural functions and pathways of healing on all levels of the body. While it is an incredible technology on its own, laser therapy is exponentially more effective when combined with the therapies listed below.


Magnetotherapy as a sole therapy is very effective in various aspects of healing, such as accelerating bone unification, minimizing edema (excess fluid), accelerating important cellular functions and reducing pain. However, when magentotherapy is combined with laser therapy, the synergistic combination has proven to be more effective than either therapy on its own. This combination is called MIL-Therapy ("Magnet-Infra-red"). MIL-Therapy was developed by the Russians in the 1970’s and has been used regularly in clinics in multiple countries since the 1990’s.


LED are fascinating, with their origin beginning in ancient times, when it was found that shinning light through a prism at various angles produced different colors, each one having its own unique healing properties. LED penetrate on a superficial level, with various colors stimulating different aspects of healing in the sympathetic system ("fight or flight"), parasympathetic ("rest and digest"), and promoting general physiological balance. LED are also extremely beneficial in various aspects of skin care, such as acne, wrinkles, blemishes, scar tissue, varicose veins and more.


Ultrasound at low levels also has numerous healing properties such as accelerating bone repair, increasing blood circulation, accelerating crucial processes necessary in wound healing, and increasing a myriad of biochemical responses on the body. Ultrasound is also key in preventing and dissolving blood clots.

Can you imagine the healing power of all of these therapies combined in one device? Since 2009 this specific combination of modalities has become known as coMra-Therapy.

Elevated Health was created to empower individuals, providing the public with the information and tools to make educated decisions in regards to health.

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