Delta Ultimate Professionals Set


Delta Ultimate Professionals Set


This set is designed for the Health Professional who is serious about elevating the health of their clients.

Infrared laser, LED, magnets and ultrasound all in one efficient and effective device that you can use from home. The Delta device is designed for portability and convenience with its light weight design and accompanying travel case.

• The MEDICAL TERMINAL is ideal for the majority of health conditions.
• The AESTHETIC TERMINAL is ideal for skin conditions, but does have deeper health benefits. This terminal is also ideal for muscle recovery for the purpose of expedited growth.
• The PROBE TERMINAL is designed for inserting into any orifice, and also for acupuncture points.
• The MERIDIAN TERMINAL is ideal for hair regrowth, is also used in multiple neurological protocols, and for certain therapies for pets.

This Set Includes:
• 2 Delta Base Units
• 3 905nm Terminals (Medical, Aesthetic, Probe)
• 4 980nm Terminals (Medical, Aesthetic, Probe, Meridian)
• 7 Glass Sheaths for the Probe Terminals
• 2 External power bank batteries 27 hours of battery life
• Pelican waterproof, crush-proof, dust-proof, high impact structural copolymer polypropylene case, with file folders inside lid and 3-dial combination lock. This case includes a detachable padded shoulder strap.
• Removable, easy-clean and fully sterilisable silicone insert
• User Guide with over 200 protocols
• USB with operating instructions
• Electrical adapter
• Battery charging cable




Images kindly supplied by Radiant Life Technologies.


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