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March 31st

Devices Only Available Through

March 31st

Ready to Elevate your Health? 

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Do you suffer from Neck Pain? Back Pain? Knee Pain? Migraines? Chronic Fatigue?

Fed up with countless companies and practitioners claiming they have your solution only to walk away weeks/months/years later with essentially the only difference being a lower bank account?

We understand what it is like to feel like you’ve “tried everything” yet nothing seems to provide significant relief! Whether you have minor aches and pains, are an athlete looking to maximize your performance, or have a serious condition such as herniated discs, auto-immune conditions or neurological disorders, Elevated Health can help.

Guaranteed pain free and affordable home health solutions

Elevated Health upholds high standards in terms of quality of service and products; only the best will ever be offered through Elevated Health, and everything is put to the test first hand before it is ever shown to our valued guests.

So what have we found to be THE BEST? Meaning the #1 most efficient way to spend your money on your health of any service or product?


Created in 2009, coMra-Therapy is the future of healthcare and has now been used for years in hospitals and wellness centers across Europe! This life-changing therapy combines the 4 non-invasive modalities of infrared laser, magnetic field, low-level ultrasound and full spectrum LED, all in the same device.


What are users saying?

"coMra delivers results!"

I believe coMra is the best holistic, non-invasive therapy out there! Elevated Health offers a level of professionalism, knowledge and commitment to coMra that I find to be unparalleled.
-Damon D.

"Over a year of debilitating pain..."

After a few treatments of coMra I was able to manage a shoulder injury that had been crippling most every day movements. Thanks Rebecca for bringing coMra-Therapy into my life!
– Ralph M.

"Herniated Discs are such a pain..."

After only a few treatments of coMra, the pain from my 2 herniated discs was reduced by 60% and I could sleep again! Amazing!
– Natalie K.

"Real and lasting results!"

3 years of chronic swelling and pain in my knees from the Army was taken care of with ONE treatment [Delta PRO]. Almost 2 years later the results are still holding strong! I purchased the coMra-Palm for minor ailments and am just as pleased!
– Jonathan M.

Natural Healing

    • Why: coMra gives the body the energy to heal itself in the most efficient way possible!
    • Accelerating natural mechanisms: coMra is not manually manipulating any aspect of the body
  • How: coMra is significantly increasing ATP production, AKA the fuel of all living cells

Safe on Everyone

    • Elderly: coMra is the perfect therapy for those who are graced with many years
    • Infants: Due to its inability to cause damage, coMra is the ONLY therapy trusted by the Nikopol Clinic for precious patients under 18 months of age
  • Pets: Animals respond even better than people!

Extremely Effective

    • Why: The 4 modalities of coMra are healing individually, but together have a very synergistic effect!
    • It is this combination which makes coMra so effective!
  • On Everyone: There had never been anyone who has used coMra sufficiently and not responded!

Relief Experienced From:

    • Joint Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Severe Nerve Damage
    • Organ Failure
    • Adrenal Fatigue
    • Injury/Surgery Recovery
    • Autoimmune Conditions
  • … & SO MUCH MORE

National Presence

Elevated Health is the only full-time distributor of coMra-Therapy in the United States.
The European based manufacturing company of coMra-Therapy has been empowering individuals and clinics with natural and efficient healing since 2009. Despite its European success, coMra is still relatively unknown in the US. Elevated Health is committed to raising awareness of coMra technology in the United States, elevating the health and lives of one soul at a time.

Domestic Sales
Worldwide Sales
Changed Lives

Guaranteed Pain Relief

Elevated Health offers a full money back guarantee!

Due to the incredible success rate of coMra-Therapy in individuals of every range of health concerns since it came to market in 2009, Elevated Health stand behind this therapy fully.
For all coMra-Delta Pro purchases there is a 90-day money back guarantee. This means that if the device is used as instructed with no response whatsoever, there will be a full return of funds at the end of that 90 day duration.
The general rule of thumb is that everyone should experience something within the first 3-4 weeks, and if this is not the case, it simply means something in the protocol needs to be adjusted.
To qualify for this guarantee, you must communicate that you are indeed using it. All users are welcome and encouraged to contact Elevated Health via any medium of your convenience as often as you feel is necessary to ensure you are maximizing your experience with coMra.
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