Primary Points of the Elevated Health Affiliate Contract: (in plain English)


  • You agree to uphold a high level of moral standard and integrity in everything that you do, especially as it related to Elevated Health. Full integrity is of utmost importance to Elevated Health, and disingenuous behavior will not be tolerated.
  • To participate in this agreement, a 905 PRO Set must be purchased.
  • You agree to not contact Radiant Life Technologies (manufacturing company) directly for any reason. All communication will go directly through Rebecca Kallaus.


  • No outside web presence or physical sales presence (i.e. in a physical store front) will be allowed for you to promote coMra-Therapy aside from your Affiliate link without permission from Elevated Health
  • All content of Elevated Health is copyright, except when content is specifically given to you either via physically being handed content such as brochures, or emailed attachments to pass along to clients.

Interaction with other Affiliates:

  • No “stealing clients” will be tolerated – if you find out that another Affiliate has already spoken to a potential client, please respect that – be kind and professional, see if there is anything you can do for them, and then attempt to reach out to the initial Affiliate to follow up with that client. Feel free to bring this to my attention if it ever becomes an issue, but understand that coMra is something every single person needs, zero exceptions, so there is no shortage of potential people to help and work with!
  • No soliciting of other Affiliates for anything outside of Elevated Health will be tolerated.

If your Affiliate status is terminated for any reason:

  • You agree to maintain full confidentiality of all relevant content and information for 5 years following this termination.
  • You agree to not contact Radiant Life Technologies or anyone else connected with Elevated Health for 5 years following this termination.

To maintain status:

  • You must make a minimum of 10 sales per year to maintain your current commission tier status.
  • If you were granted #1 Affiliate Commission Tier on a promotional status (versus going up the tiers at the typical structured pace) you must make 2 sales by July 1, one of which must be a 905 PRO Set.
  • If this is not upheld, no worries, you will simply continue at the Training Commission tier.
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