Liposomal Vitamin C




High Quality Liposomal Vitamin C:

This product is in a dark liquid form and will arrive in a mason jar. Each unit is roughly a one month’s supply (estimation of 20-30 days depending on dosage). Bottles are $105 plus $20 for shipping. Shipping is included in the $125 cost.

For maximal absorption, put two tablespoons of product in a tall glass and fill with water. Sip throughout the day so that this amount is absorbed gradually and completely by the end of the day.

Dosage is based on bowel movements – when these become loose, that is the correct dosage. 2 Tbs per day is the average, but the correct dose for each individual can be slightly less or more than this amount.

Vitamin C is water soluble, meaning one cannot overdose.

Product should never be heated, as this will destroy the enzymes that make it effective. Product is not shipped in a cooling container as it can remain in room temperature for a period of time, but it is best to keep refrigerated upon arrival.

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