As the S- Drive is not a medical device it can be used widely by health, sports, fitness, beauty, anti-aging, nutritional professionals and organisations worldwide.

The S-Drive detects which epigenetic signals influence gene expression so that changes to diet, nutrition and lifestyle can be adopted to support optimal physiology and performance.

It is a portable device with a spectrum coil in its center. The coil produces a scalar wave that senses the changes that occur when the hair roots are placed on the coil.

It uses informational signals from the hair root bulb found in the hair follicle. These emit a signature wave. This disturbs the scalar wave and the software converts the information into a digital record.

This technology uses bio-resonance to distinguish which information in the signature wave is supporting efficiency and optimal expression.

We use the hair root bulb as an informational source, since the hair follicle is a part of the sensory system of the body. This biomarker expresses information from the environment that is present in the energy field.

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