Which coMra-Therapy Device Is For You?


Amazing value, in the palm of your hand

  • Effective: Despite its size and extremely low cost, the coMra-Palm still out-performs every other home device that is under $2,500!
  •  Convenient: Download the “coMra User Guide” app on your phone today for an extensive guide on how to use this therapy for hundreds of conditions!
  •  Portable: This cordless device is smaller than most cell phones!
  •  Durable: The coMra-Palm’s beautiful design is very durable, making it perfect for use regardless of where you are!

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coMra-Delta Pro

The most effective home health device in the world

  •  Unparalleled: There is no other home therapy of ANY price that can out-perform this device!
  •  Cost Effective: Save THOUSANDS of dollars every year on health costs for you and your family!
  •  Fast Healing: Reduce recovery time by half or more!
  •  Clinical Grade: Comparable to $60,000 medical-grade devices, yet completely safe and available for HOME use!
  •  Unlimited Application: Additional attachments* are available to use this therapy on (and in) any part of the body for maximized healing!
            (for additional purchase* all coMra Delta Pro sales come with the medical terminal only)

*All payments handled securely through PayPal

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